Vela Luka - Port of Vela Luka
Vela Luka - Town centre
Vela Luka - View from the Big Cave
Vela Luka - Evening in Vela Luka centre
Vela Luka - Breath taking sunsets
Vela Luka - Peaceful and relaxing evenings

Vela Luka is a town located on the western part of the island of Korcula, in a deep and spacious bay. The population is involved in agriculture, vine and olive growing, fishing, and, of course, tourism. Vela Luka is the second biggest place on the Adriatic islands, a safe port and anchorage for seamen.

This place has been an attractive tourist destination in the last few years because of its favorable climate, rich tourist offer, clear crystal sea and interesting cultural heritage.

Number of sunny days in a year exceeds 300 days which makes it one of the sunniest and the most desirable places to visit in Croatia.

Vela Luka's most interesting sights are Vela Spila (Big Cave) and hill Hum. Vast rocky hideout Vela Spila is one of the most important prehistoric cave dwellings in Europe. Vela Spila provides a picture of life on the Mediterranean of Mesolithic and Neolithic people living in that region. View point Hum has a small abandoned military fort Forteca (built in the 19th century) which offers an amazing view over the large part of the Adriatic.

Island Proizd situated in the near vicinity of Vela Luka is one of the most beautiful small islands that you can find in Croatia. It is renowned for its amazing crystal blue sea, fantastic beaches and beautiful vegetation.



Humidity: 36%

Wind: 57.93 km/h

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