Explore the island

Kayaking & Sailing
The sea around island Korcula is warm and crystal clear, with clean water and insignificant tides. Currents are rare, big waves as well. Stronger winds are rare and predictable. All of this makes kayaking and sailing around the island a fantastic choice to explore.
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Cycling & Mountain biking
Cycling and mountain biking is a great way to experience island Korcula much more closely than from a vehicle. The pace of living on this island is slow so travel slowly and you will enjoy more. Explore nature, pine forests, olive groves, vineyards and hills with stunning sea views.
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Trekking & Hiking
The diversity of landscapes makes island Korcula a magnificent place for all walking, trekking and hiking enthousiasts. Be ready to conquer the beautiful peaks and hills, explore pine forests and numerous secret countryside paths. Hauntingly rugged beauty awaits so don't miss it.
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Snorkeling & Diving
Snorkeling and diving in clean and turquoise waters around the island Korcula is just stunning. The visibility of the waters around the island often get up to 20 meters in the summer months so by just floating face down on the surface of the water you can get into the underwater scenery.
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Humidity: 36%

Wind: 57.93 km/h

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