Events & Happenings

Lusko lito - Last minute open Jazz festival
Traditional folklore events - Kumpanija - Sword dance
Trtajun - Big summer carnival
Proizd lunge - Electronic music festival on the island Proizd
Sport events - Running & MTB bike race
Ragata - Traditional rowing competition

The summer period starts on June 24, on St. John’s day, and is celebrated by a traditional boat race from Gradina cove to the town centre. During the summer months, the rich entertaining programme enables all visitors of Vela Luka to enjoy the weekly performances of the folk groups Kumpanija and Mafrina, vocal singing, exhibits of local and other artists, fishermen evenings, and various concerts of pop and classical music. In addition to that, there are clubs and bars where you can enjoy the occasional concerts of popular singers and bands, domestic and foreign.

The international swimming marathon has been successfully organized last few years on the third Saturday in August. It's attracting more and more contestants each year – all those who have a taste for the adventure and challenge and would like to swim the route of 4,5 kilometers. Prize money is also a challenge, and is awarded to the three best ranked contestants. Special prizes are awarded to women, as well as recognitions and awards for the youngest and oldest contestant of the marathon. So far, the contestants have been women and men, children and adults, professionals and amateurs, and the day of the Vela Luka marathon ends with a lovely supper where everyone can meet and have fun – contestants and organizers.

Bellow you can find the Event calendar for 2016 where you can get familiar with Vela Luka Summer events and happenings. Event calendar for 2017 will be published as soon as available from Vela Luka tourist office.




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