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Vela Luka - Beach Posejdon
Vela Luka - Beach Kupaliste
Vela Luka - Beach Plitvine
Vela Luka - Numerous coves and beaches
Vela Luka - Beach Bili Boci on the island Proizd
Vela Luka - Cove Gradina and Island Gubesa

Vela Luka bay consists of many more or less approachable coves. The shore is rocky with many pebble and sand beaches and the sea is clean and crystal clear. Most coves surrounding Vela Luka offer numerous smaller and larger beaches where you can swim and sunbathe and relax.

Public beaches

There are four public beaches in Vela Luka: Pod Borice, Posejdon, Plitvine and Kupaliste. Pod Borice is small and just a 5 minutes from our apartments. The beach Posejdon is just outside hotel Posejdon and the beach Plitvine is in Plitvine cove in front of hotel Adria. Kupaliste is a newly renoved public beach just a bit after beach Posejdon. The public boat ferries several times a day during the summer months to all of this beaches.

Gradina cove

Among many of calms that are situated in the golf of Vela Luka we would like to point out the spacious and pleasant bay of Gradina. It is situated in the north of the gulf, not far from the town, and to it leads a 4km long asphalt road. From the southeast and south it is protected by the small islands of Gubeša and St. John, and that fore it is a safe shelter for navigators of small boats and yachts. There are several approachable pebble beaches suitable for swimming.

Picena cove

Picena bay is and ideal place for your hole day spending at beach. If you have a kids, this is a great place for them. This small pebble beach is enclosed by alpine trees, sheltered and hidden by a rocky promontory extending into the bay. The beach is only accessible on foot or by boat, so it's rarely crowded. On a pebble beach you can watch sunset over island of Osjak.

Poplat cove

You can reach the Poplat bay by a road that leads thought the southern part of the Vela Luka bay. The Road leads above the bays and beside the small island of Osjak, through olive groves and dense pine tree woods. There is small church of the Maid of Carmen built in the bay, and it is situated along a fertile field of vineyards and olive groves. It is surrounded by dense greenery of high cypresses.

Island Osjak

The island of Osjak is characterized by peace, tranquility and simplicity so it is no wonder that its visitors have been calling it Love Island for decades. That is so true, because once you come here it is so easy to forget the everyday rhythm of the hectic city life, and its untouched nature, aromas of the Mediterranean, crystal-clear sea, sunshine and heat always remind the visitor of the beauty of existence and the wonder of nature!

There is a walking path leading through a dense pinewood covering the entire island, so you can walk to easily accessible rocks and places where you can sunbathe, swim in the sea and relax. On the western side of the island, right next to the walking path, there is an interesting cave surrounded with rocks and the sea, making a beautiful sight of a unique natural beauty. Here you will find no traces of city life. There is nothing here except the sea, pinewood and crickets, and all those who like the untouched beauty of nature will discover the Mediterranean as it once was and find, even if only for a little while, "their place in the sun"! Osjak is only a fifteen-minute boat ride from the Vela Luka town center.

Island Proizd

Proizd, The beach of the year on the Adriatic coast 2007., is a small island only half an hour boat ride from the town centre, is definitely the pearl of the area of Vela Luka, for the whiteness of its beaches, the turquoise sea and the scent of salty freshness leaves nobody indifferent! Numerous tourists from all parts of Europe stayed faithful to Vela Luka for years and they always return here drawn by this island’s magical beauty.

"Bili Boci" are the three most beautiful beaches and they are located on the northern side of the island. There are several walking paths leading to them. From here stretches a beautiful view of the island of Hvar and the open sea. This is where it all comes together - the power of the sea, the sun and nature and here is where the beauty of spending a holiday in Vela Luka becomes complete!

During the summer months there are organized tours to both islands and the boat ferries across several times a day. There is a small restaurant called right next to a small dock, offering local specialties, international cuisine and refreshing drinks and cocktails, all in a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere.



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